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Authors & Creators

At, we can help Authors like you in 2 ways:

1) OneDayOneTime Premium: Your premium eBook/Audiobook/online course is downloaded from this website, and we help you build an email list.

2) OneDayOneTime Standard: You let us know about your KDP Select Free Book Promotion on the Kindle store, and we'll email our entire list for free, linking directly to your eBook on the Kindle store (no download, but also no list).

Here's more details...

1) OneDayOneTime Premium

If you wish to build a targeted email list of interested and engaged readers - for free - then keep reading.

During our Beta stage, this service is free for you. Here's how it works:

* You may have heard of - a marketplace to promote your books.

* Ours is similar, but ours is free for both the reader and the author (they charge authors).

* And we're better because we also build you an email list (no other service will share it with you).

* We only give away select, premium Kindle and Audio books, and even Online Courses.

* You (the Author) get to build a free email list of interested and engaged readers/listeners/viewers.

* The Reader gets a premium Kindle or Audio book or Online Course for free.

* We build name-recognition for our brand and website.


* You provide us with a copy of the PDF version of your Kindle eBook, or the audio to your Audiobook, or the videos in your Online Course, to give away on this website for free, in exchange for a name and email.

* Anyone can enter their name and email in a sign-up form (specifically created for you), and download your Kindle eBook or Audiobook, or watch your Online Course, for free.

* Once they sign up for free via the form, they are taken to a page where they can download your eBook or Audiobook, or watch the course videos, directly from our website. No delays, no waiting for welcome emails. Instant gratification.

* We promote your free offer on our own dime, to all of our email lists and social media audiences.

* Every time someone signs up to download a copy, we will send you their email as well.

* We can send the email of each subscriber in real-time (to an email you provide), or as a one-time export after the fact.

* The email subscriber is made fully aware that their email is being shared with you, the author. They must agree to it before they can sign up and download your book.

We plan to monetize this in the future by charging Authors for giving away their books via our website.

But it's free for now.

Marketplaces like BookBub will not share the email of the book readers or members with you. Neither will Amazon, or any other marketplace.

But that's where we're different. We will share the list with you, that too for no cost at this time.

Once the free offer goes live, it will be live for 1 week.

2) OneDayOneTime Standard

KDP Select offers you what is called as a "Free Book Promotion" for a 5-day period every 90 days, during which you can make your Kindle eBook free - as in, $0.00.

You would simply let us know about the dates of your Free Book Promotion, and we'll email our entire list for free, linking directly to your eBook on the Kindle store. But since they are doing directly to Amazon to download your Kindle book, that means they're not downloading it on this website. So we won't be building an email list for you.

Premium Prerequisites

* If you wish to sign up for our Premium package where we share the email of the subscriber with you, then the Kindle eBook, Audiobook or Online course you give us, must be a premium product.

* It cannot be something that you're currently giving away, or have recently given away for free, elsewhere on your website or other website.

* Length of eBook/course videos/audiobook doesn't matter - but it must be something that's really valuable to the intended audience.

* It must be something that is visibly being sold on your website, or on Amazon, if it's a Kindle eBook or Audiobook. If it's on Amazon, it must have at least 10 reviews with good ratings.

* Right now, we're only accepting digital products in the following niches:
Business, Marketing, E-Commerce, Technology and Personal Development.

* The above niches are pretty wide, so we cannot know for sure if it will be a good fit for our audience. So we'll need more details first.

If you're interested in promoting your Kindle eBook or Audiobook or other digital products, please contact us.